Since Tableau is built on pretty much similar file structure to the Microsoft Excel, it does not come as a surprise that a workbook contains some sheets or tabs at the bottom of the screen, which can be a worksheet, a dashboard, or a story. But as I have already mentioned the most important element here is the worksheet – the area where the data analysis as well as all the significant actions take place. The place where we actually create our incredible views using a single view along with shelves, legends, and the Data pane.

Tableau provides many options for interaction with the worksheet. The following can be highlighted as the main and basic ones:

  • creating or adding a new worksheet
  • clear entire worksheet
  • duplicating sheets
  • hide or show sheets
  • delete sheets

What’s also available at the worksheet level is to set the fonts, alignment, shading, borders, lines and tooltips.

Tableau also  has several ways to view and organize the sheets in your workbook. For instance all the sheets appearing in the tabs down below could be moved across the tab bar and thereby get arranged in a desired order.  In order to clarify the structure and the groupings of worksheets there is a color palette consisting of seven colors, so you can differentiate the tabs by assigning specific color to related tabs (see picture below).

When talking about the three central elements of visualization, namely worksheet, dashboard and story, it is necessary to be aware of the Source Data accessibility. What I mean by saying it is, that we can access source data dimensions, measures and our custom fields exclusively out of a worksheet. We can not achieve the same navigation in a dashboard or in a story. From a story we can access dashboards and worksheets, but we can not access any dimensions or measures directly.

Adding a sheet

You can add a sheet in two ways. Right-click the name of the current worksheet and select „New worksheet“ from the pop-up menu. You can also click a small icon to the right of the last sheet to add a sheet or even duplicate the sheet and remove all the contents afterwards.

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